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Currently a total of 1986 ascii art entries.

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Monday, December 18 2017
We are now over 11 years old.

Thursday, June 19 2014
Fixed random link, so it is actually more random.

Thursday, July 22 2010
FIRST UPDATE IN FOREVER! Added a "random" link on the sidebar— check it out!

Wednesday, July 02 2008

Tuesday, December 04 2007
I added an animals tag and tagged most things into it. There is now also a "generic cat" tag. Look at it and it'll be pretty obvious what it's for.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007
New VIP wiki in the making: Tanasinn.info

Wednesday, August 08 2007
uh oh that wasn't supposed to happen fixed

Saturday, August 04 2007
I added a View All page and put it in the sidebar. It lets you view entries of all tags sorted by date, with the newest in the front. I have also created a yaruo tag. Take a look at it and it will become obvious what character should be tagged under it. An anime has been created. Anime ascii art that would previously have been tagged as just cute should now be tagged as both. I am in the process of retagging a lot of images in cute but it might take a while due to there being so many of them.

Thursday, May 31 2007
I added a cats tag. This is not for AA characters such as giko, shii, mona, etc. Here is an example of what should be added under the cats tag.

Sunday, January 07 2007
Upon request (well partially), I added a vehicles tag. I'm in the process of applying the tag to already existing AA for which it would fit.

Tuesday, December 05 2006
I'm releasing the websight URL to the general public (well 4chan.eu at least) to see what other people think. You can post your comments here, or in the pre-existing thread on 4chan.eu.

Monday, November 06 2006
I made a tag for security kitten (nya).

Thursday, November 02 2006
Clonepa AA's should be tagged as shobon. If you don't know who clonepa is don't worry about it.

Sunday, October 29 2006
There is no more animal tag. Everything that used to be tagged with the animal tag should now be tagged as misc instead.

Sunday, October 15 2006
Okay I finally got around to doing that pagination (page numbers) thing. If you notice any bugs or whatever tell me. I have also made the decision (for now) not to implement the tag list into a mysql because it would make the sidebar and upload page unnessesarily slower. Finally, I am still working on the tag overview page, hopefully complete in the near future.

Wednesday, October 04 2006
I got rid of the View All thing until I do page numbers because doing View All really kills the database.

Tuesday, October 03 2006
When you view an entry it will now display the link in the individual view so you can link it to other people or whatever.

Friday, September 29 2006
Fixed that bug. I said I would do it in the morning but I lied. I have plans of how to do the page number thing but I'm too lazy and its not important enough to do now.

Wednesday, September 27 2006
I finished the View Recent thing.
Update: there is one small bug regarding display duplicate entries but thats trivial and I'll fix it in the morning.

Tuesday, September 26 2006
Okay so the site is in sort of sub-pre-beta. I got a lot done (Mona + ImageMagick at 12 Point = retarded!) but there are a few things I want to finish: